Vertical Jigging
(Butterfly Jigging)

Jigging has become much more popular in the recent years. It is another active hands on approach, which involes the use of lures called Jigs, made of heavy metal. They are many different  shapes and styles designed to quicky reach  various depths through current, and though the angler’s up and down motion, designed to look and  move like and injured baitfish or squid. It is another highy interactive type of fishing for anglers who enjoy staying busy all day.

Specialized Jigging setups, high speed reels, and spectra line really make the difference in success.

Anglers generally try to target  bottom struture, rocks, reef wrecks or ledges. Inshore, vertical jigging can be deadly for snappers, groupers, amberjacks and more. Offshore, it can be very effective around floaing debris and for tunas and wahoo in open water.

We carry specialized jigging gear and a wide assortment of vertical jigs for jigging enthusiasts to pursue their trophy.