Recommended Restaurants In Los Suenos & Jaco

Los Suenos

All the restaurants in Los Suenos are very good, they range from a sports bar type - The Hook Up, Italian – El Lanterna, Sushi/Asian fusion- Bamboo, to fine dining - El Galleon.

Jimmy T’s Gourmet specializes in provisioning yachts and offers imported food products, American brands, also pre-cooked dishes, catering and private chef services.

The Marriott Los Suenos also offers several more excellent dining choices.


Lemon Zest - offers some of the best food in Jaco. Excellent varied gourmet menu, America family owned and operated, steaks, seafood, duck and chicken.

Grafitti Wine Bar - offers a creative mixed gourmet menu sure not to disappoint. Steaks, seafood, sushi, specialty dishes.

Calichies Wishbone - mixed menu - pizza, Mexican, Poki bowl, surfer food.

Los Amigos - American owned sports bar and restaurant. Burgers, Mexican, Thai food.  Big screen TVs showing sports games, surfing and fights. Rock & alternative, hip hop music. after 10 pm.

Bubba’s Fish Tacos - a “must try” when you have some fresh fish fillets. Jaco’s best kept secret, simple perfection, huge fish or shrimp tacos, incredible corn on the cob, awesome cilantro dill cream sauce.

Tsunami Sushi - one of the more popular sushi spots in Jaco.

Posiden Restaurant and Hotel - Excellent steaks and seafood.

Hicaco - A very nice open-air restaurant right on the beach in Jaco. Specializing in seafood, but offers a wide menu. a Wednesday night all you can eat and drink lobster fest with wide assortment of dishes.

Claritas - a very laid back X-pat sports bar on the beach. Chicken wings, quesadillas, burgers, ribs, etc.

Pelicano - on Heredurra Beach, right outside Los Suenos. Excellent Costa Rican seafood

Juanitas - on Heredurra Beach, much like Pelicano, but more laid back.

Adventure Dining - a personalized mountaintop dining experience, private chef and transportation included.