Popper Fishing

Popper fishing is one on my personal favorite approaches. It is a very active approach, which involves the use of  specialized spinning gear capable of long casts and heavy drag. The Popper is a floating, top water lure, which is cast in the suspected proximity of your quarry.

Some shapes are best worked fast ripping them across the surface to imitate a fleeing baitfish. Others are best worked in an erratic stop and go, or zig-zag pattern mimicking an injured baitfish struggling to get away. The key commotion and noise draws the attention of predatory game fish often provoking a savage strike.

Often the fish may miss on the initial attempt, but return for a 2nd 3rd or 4th attack. It is one of the most visual, exciting and interactive ways to fish, and very satisfying way to catch your trophy.

Here on the central Pacific, there are many type of fish which respond well to poppers.

Big  Roosterfish, Snappers, and Tuna are some of my favorite targets, but you never know what will explode on your popper. There are many spots where you can spend the day casting poppers and catch several different species. Our walkaround boats are uniquely designed to comfortably cast poppers from the front and live bait from the rear, maximizing action thoughout the day.