Inshore Offshore Mix

Report Date: July 24, 2022

I usually recommend against trying to do inshore and offshore in the same day, its often burning the candle at boats ends .

but sometimes its possible when a opportunity pops up, this most happens when we are fishing around the 26 reef area which is far enough offshore to sometimes hear boats fishing offshore if they are down that direction.

sometimes it works out that we can hear boats 10-12 miles away on a pod of tunas and makes it easy since we area at the reef , where bonitos area easy to catch. and run out to the tunas . bonitos are the best live bait round for yellowfin tunas and I doesn't take long to hook up once you toss them in the water , today we caught a nice cuber snapper

  and had a fe more bites at the reef before running straight to a pod of yellowfin tunas and catch several nice ones


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