Some Great Green Season Fishing

Report Date: August 19, 2021

Its now august and we are well into the the costa Rican green season which runs may- October.,

Green season is named so because of the rains that bring the area foliage to life after several months of dry season left everything brown and dry .
It does rain this time of year, for sure it will rain 3 to 5 nights a week , sometimes during the day but its scattered offshore during days , (and some days no rain at all) so most days we can avoid it and don’t get wet at all. we appreciate whatever cloud cover we get this time of year as a break from the intense sun during high season . Also everything on land is lush green and in bloom these months

Green season fishing offer lots of opportunities . its some of the best time to target blue marlin and tunas through these months ,consistent tuna fishing , with peak mahi mahi season beginning late green season, and some occasion great sailfish runs showing up out front .

The first half of of august has provided some great fishing days. Over the offshore billfish has been a bit spotty as far as numbers go. But you are just as likely to see a marlin or 2 as you are a few sailfish, some days there can be quite a bit of quiet spells between bites in so patience is key to a great day. You could come across a great conditions at any point which lead to a rapid flurry of action , whether it be marlins or tunas

Here are reports from some of the days we fished on the EPIC (pics to be uploaded shortly )

Aug 2 Release 2 blue marlin , a big manta ray , a turtle , and kept a mahi for dinner on the EPIC

Aug3 Released a blue marlin abs a sailfish , raised another blue that didn’t bite and missed a sail , kept a mahi - mahi for dinner,

Aug 4 Released a blue marlin, a nice rooster fish, kept some silky snapper , 3 different types of grouper, a big Sierra mackerel ad a few other things, about 9 or 10 species today for Colton and Charlie

Aug 6 Found a log with bait, but no Marlins around it, got a call about some tunas and made a run, kept several yellowfins and went back to trolling, had a billfish bite on a lure that came off

Aug 8 Fished offshore with Andy and his boys again, wasn’t the prettiest weather but man he s to find Andy another blue marlin, 6 year old Charlie strapped in the chair aNd landed a yellowfin tuna as big as he was without giving up, and Colton released a sailfish.

Aug 9 Released 2 for 5 blue marlin, had a double header on for a while that stretched us out different directions o#almost spooling the 30#, and eventually chaffed off , and then pulled the hook on the one on the 50#.

aug. 10 The day started pretty slow , ran out to where the marlin act has been but they were not there, caught a couple yellowfins off some spotted dolphins , kept working the area until after lunch only caught 1 sail from 1 bite and heard no good reports so I wandered pff looking for action, a 3 pm drive past a commercial longline boat and marked a bunch of bait around his sea anchor , made a circle caught some Bonitos and decided to put them out . First bait got crushed by a marlin about 12 ft behind the boat as soon as it hit the water , fought that one fir about 10 minutes of crazy jumps and acrobatics before pulling the hook, put baits out again and got crushed within minutes , 11 year old Colton end up releasing 3 out of 4 blue marlin in an hour and half, all crazy mean un -cooperative fish today made it hard to get a decent picture from above

Aug 13 Just yellowfin tunas today, caught severe and came in early.

Coming up in the next few months now though December the marlin fishing should continue to be above average , with a peak season for blues and striped around November -December . When it’s the best time of year to have the chance to land a GRAND SLAM , 3 different billfish the same day.

Oct- December is also peak season for mahi mahi/ dorado, while every year is different some years there are so many around we will have a few weeks we can even pull ballyhoo in the spread because there can be to many , and constant stopping for mayo prevents you from raising any marlin, so we just resort to pulling teasers and marlin lures and try to avoid the mahi, even trying to avoid them you still will land several after December the marlin and mahi numbers decline and more sailfish show up to provide action , along with our year round yellowfin tunas

If you have any questions about planning a trip to Costa Rica, feel free to call or email me and discuss options , and get first hand info from some one that lives it here . And actually on the water more days than im not .

Until next time ,
Capt Michael “MJ” Alligood
[email protected]
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